Are your staff your greatest asset or your biggest struggle? 

Effective staff can make or break a company and managing your employees so that they become an asset rather than a liability will make all the difference. At Employment Line UK we have a team of specialist employment solicitors who can help you. If you are facing challenges as an employer, you can reply on our expertise to guide you through the court and tribunal process, this can include allegations of discrimination or constructive dismissal. 

 Our popular retainer service gives you ongoing support throughout the year at a surprisingly reasonable rate. This can be an excellent alternative to a one-off engagement. Keeping abreast of any changes in employment law will help to prevent problems from occurring, saving you money and hassle in the long run. We can provide ongoing reviews of your employment contracts to ensure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to future issues and provide you with much needed support during turbulent times, as well as the reassurance of good employment practice during more peaceful periods.

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