Expert employment contract advice

If you’re looking for an employment contract solicitor who can provide expert advice on contracts of employment, terms and conditions of employment and company handbooks, then contact Employment Line UK today. At Employment Line UK, we have over 30 years of experience in employment law.

Experienced employment contract solicitors

Do you have a problem with your new or existing employment contract? Do you need concise advice when it comes to an employment contract dispute? We can help you to negotiate new terms or provide assistance if you have a contract dispute with your employee. Whether your new employee wants to make changes to your contractual rights or you are looking for an employment contract review service, we can help. 
By law, you are required to give a statement of the main terms of employment within 14 days of the start of employment, or there is a penalty payable of between two and four weeks’ pay. Employment Line UK can help with the drafting of contracts, preparation of company handbooks and policies, and drafting of restrictive covenants to protect your confidential business matters and customer base.
We will check whether your contract complies with all legal requirements and provide legal assistance on specific terms relating to salary package, bonus schemes, holiday allowance, health insurance and other contract areas. We will also review any restrictive covenants. We serve clients in Warwickshire and across the West Midlands.

We can help you with the following legal issues:

  • Employment tribunal claims
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Breach of contract
  • Maternity discrimination
  • Equal pay disputes
  • Unfair dismissals and much more